Spiritual & Cultural Activities

Daily worship of Sri Ramakrishna , evening prayer , every day chanting from Vedas and Gita , at early morning and on special occasions , Ramanama Sankirtanam on Ekadasi day after evening Arati and Prayer of Sri Ramakrishna , occasional festivals and meeting in the Ashrama and outside , celebrations of birth anniversaries of Sri Ramakrishna , Holy mother Sri Sarada Devi , Swami Vivekananda and direct disciples of Sri Ramakrishna , reading from the disciples life and teachings in the temple after evening prayer , regular discourses and expositions on scriptures and deliberations on allied topics were conducted by the Monks and occasionally by guest speakers .

Religious festivals like Durga Puja , Kali Puja , Saraswati Puja , Shiv Ratri Puja , Sankara Panchami and other religious festivals like Buddha Purnima , X-Mas etc. were also observed as per schedule.

Students' Home

The ashrama has been running a hostel for boys since 1937 , according to Swami Vivekananda‘s Man-making and character building education. Most of the boys staying in the hostel , hail from poor and under privileged family , and some of the inmates are first generation learners . Staying under the care of Gurukul system of education , the boys are showing good results in their school as well as Madhyamik Examination .

    The boys are to pay minimum charges for their food and lodging in the hostel , while                                                       there are some inmates who are free from paying any charges . All the inmates remain under the care of hostel monastic warden . Almost all the day to day activities of the hostel , like cleaning , washing , serving food , up-keep of the surroundings are carried out by the boys themselves ,under the over all supervision of the monastic member in charge of the hostel.
The general health of the inmates is quite satisfactory . Protein food , fresh vegetables and milk are given to all inmates everyday . Physical exercise are performed daily after Morning Prayer . They celebrate Independence Day , Saraswati Puja and the Tithi Pujas of Sri Ramakrishna Deva , Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda . Every year students exhibit a very good performance by securing star marks and high first division in Madhyamik Examination.


The charitable Dispensary was started in 1937 at Jalpaiguri Town. Since then it has been serving the poor , under privileged and backward section of people in and around Jalpaiguri district . Now it has 4 wings – Homeopathic wing , Allopathic wing, Eye clinic and a Gynaecology Clinic. This Charitable Dispensary , through all its aforesaid wings is being run by the donations from the devotees , well-wishers ,trusts and general public. All patients irrespective of caste , creed or religion , are treated under the utmost care of the proficient doctors and technicians. Both treatment and medicines are provided to                                                             all the patients free of any charges.

During the year 2015-16 under review 17,260 nos. of patients were treated in the out-patients department. The Dispensary functions in the morning from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. All the cases were treated including medicines free of cost.


The Mission Centre is engaged in conducting regular relief and welfare works for the poor , backward , tribal and under privileged section of people in the form of (i) Poor Feeding (ii) Distribution of Rice , Clothes , Garments , Blankets , mosquito nets , Medicines (iii) Pecuniary help for extremely poor families , etc.
Educational Medical Relief and other Welfare Activities for 2015-2016
1.Hostel : During the last financial year , an amount of Rs.9,63,067=00 was spent for running Ashrama Hostel.
2.Dispensary: During the last financial year , an amount of Rs.2,87,919=00 was spent for running the Charitable Dispensary of the Ashrama.
Other welfare Activities :
3. Distribution of Woollen Blankets:
During the last winter season 300 nos. of good quality Woollen Blankets were distributed among 300 poor and needy families , free of cost . Total expenditure for this activity was Rs. 60,158=00 (including Head Quarters share)
4. Distribution Of Tantuja Sari:
During the last financial year 1000 pcs. Of good quality Tantuja Saris were distributed among 1000 poor and needy women , free of cost . Total expenditure for this activity was Rs.87,500=00.
5. Distribution Mosquito – Net :
During the last financial year 300 pcs. Of good quality Mosquito – Net were distributed among 300 poor and needy families , free of cost. Total expenditure for this activity was Rs. 36,000=00.
6. Poor Feeding :
About 32,887 nos. of people were provided cooked food during the year . Total expenditure for this activity is Rs. 3,28,875=00.
7.Pecuniary Help:
Pecuniary help was given to 4 persons . Total Expenditure is Rs . 8,100=00 Total expenditure incurred during the financial year for the above activities is Rs.17,71 ,619=00 (Rupees seventeen lakh seventy one thousand six hundred nineteen only ).

Library Services

This library is one of the oldest libraries in Jalpaiguri district and has a good stock of books. Besides , being equipped with a reading room , it has book lending facilities also. Poor school and college students are being benefited by the services of this well reputed Library through text and other essential books.

Total number of books in our library is 12,553 nos. Besides having the facility of text-books , the students use the Library daily, for readimg & taking notes.

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